Love 1950s Decor? Then You Have To See These Ultra-Mod Furniture Pieces!

In the 1950s furniture was taking on a lot of new designs. Sleek style, updated materials, and improved functionality for the modern consumer all meant that most families would not have settled for an oversized or useless piece of furniture. And designers were taking heed, creating new styles every year. It’s from 1958 that we get a glimpse of some truly stunning Mid-century Modern items below.

How does a convertible bar sound? The door becomes a bar and the glasses and liquor all fit neatly inside. How does a modern vanity with hidden storage strike your fancy? There’s also a teak and rosewood dining table which raises and lowers with the push of a small lever and a dining table which has attached leaves. This last one would become standard in many homes, but at the time it was still a novel (and labor-saving) concept. Have a look at all these designs and more in the clip below from British Pathé .

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