Inflatable Pants Are The New Fashion Trend That Nobody Asked For

Runway fashion is not always ordinary. We all love to see models showcasing the latest fashions, even when we are not going to race to the store to purchase them. There are lots of models who can pull stuff out that we would never dare to dream of attempting. This latest trend is clearly designed exclusively for the runway. We are not sure who would be crazy enough to wear these during everyday life.

A London College of Fashion student by the name of Harikrishnan has created a new trend that is not going to be sold in stores. He’s not planning on trying to monetize it in any meaningful way so be sure to keep that in mind when you see these pants. He’s from Kerala, India and has already been interviewed by Vogue. That’s a pretty serious accomplishment for any 26-year-old.

He was taking his pug, Kai, for a walk when the idea first dawned on him. Harikrishnan started to wonder what he must look like from his dog’s point of view. This led him to start playing with distortion and perception. When it came time to create the fashions for his own graduate fashion show, he landed on the perfect idea. The effect is receiving a great deal of commentary on Twitter.

There are some who decided to draw a comparison to Betty White. Others started posting photos of the Michelin Man. Meanwhile, the obvious parallels between these pants and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory were being drawn.

Twitter’s mind is always in the gutter, so you know that there were tweets comparing the pants to certain parts of the male anatomy.

The models who wore these pants must have had a tough time making their way down the catwalk. Harikrishnan’s intention was a simple one: he wanted to make sure that these pants stood out from the crowd. By that metric, it is safe to say that he succeeded.

The connection that people are experiencing with these trousers has everything to do with their lack of familiarity. Harikrishnan eventually plans on creating fashions that are will be put up for sale. We cannot wait to see what he ends up devising. He’s going to return to India and provide all sorts of interesting items. What do you think of these pants? Would you ever dream of wearing them?

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