She Uses 100 Paint Sticks For This Incredible Table Makeover!

ikea 3
Isn’t this end table just gorgeous? I love the stained wood top, the splash of color on the legs, and the overall country chic vibe! Would you believe this was once a cheap IKEA table?

With just a few coats of paint and a handful of paint sticks, this table has gone through a complete transformation! Keep reading to see how easy and cost effective this DIY project is, and then watch the video below for the full details!

ikea 2
For starters, you’ll need to take the table apart and sand it all down. Then, paint the legs and sides in a color of your choice. You may need to put on several coats of paint. Next, score and cut some wooden paint stirrers to make a wooden top. Once you have your paint stirrers cut, glue them on the tabletop and stain them!

It’s really that easy. Finish with a coat of wax sealant and enjoy your new table! Watch the video below for more detailed instructions.

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