Ikea And Pizza Hut Are Turning Those Tiny Pizza Box ‘Tables’ Into Real Furniture

Ever wondered what those little white plastic things are in your pizza box? Well, apparently, they’re to keep the lid from touching the cheese. However, how many of us have assumed or even used them to make furniture for dollhouses or similar crafty activities?

Well, thanks to a collaborative effort between Ikea and Pizza Hut, there are now full-sized versions of these tiny tables that you can buy just for the heck of it.

In true to Ikea fashion, these tables are sold unassembled, leaving the full extent of fun to you. They even come in flat-packed Pizza Hut-branded pizza boxes. How cute!

Technically speaking, these mini table versions that come in your pizza box are actually called “pizza savers,” as their whole point is to protect the pizza lid from sagging – especially when there are several pizza boxes stacked upon one another in a delivery car.

Ikea’s version is called the Säva, and comes in white, just like the mini versions. It may not be miniature, but it certainly will fit any pizza that you may order – and it’s portable too, which is nice.

The unique teamwork of Pizza Hut and Ikea didn’t just stop there, they also collaborated on a pizza made with the company’s iconic Swedish meatballs.

In fact, they even released a video of their collaborative work.

There is some bad news, though: if you really, really want one of these tables then you’ll have to do a bit of traveling for them. They are only available at the Hong Kong locations of Ikea stores. And according to Fast Company, the tables are selling extremely well so they may even be sold out soon.

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