There’s A Bar Opening On A Glacier In Iceland For 5 Days And You Can Go There For Free

If you are somebody who enjoys meeting friends for a drink on occasion, you have probably tried most of the local pubs. If you are interested in taking your visits to the next level, you might want to consider what one vodka company is doing. They are opening a bar that promises to be the best experience of your life. You will have to be willing to travel to take advantage of it, however, because they are setting up the bar on top of a glacier.

The limited-time, the once-in-a-lifetime experience is being offered to a few lucky people by Reyka Vodka. In order to enjoy your favorite drink on ice (pun intended), you will have to travel to Langjökull Glacier in Iceland. Incidentally, that is the source for Reyka Vodka. You also have to plan your trip carefully, because the bar is only going to be open between the 16th and 20th of October.

Photo: REYKA

You won’t have to concern yourself with travel arrangements. If you happen to be chosen for this privilege, you will be taken to the glacier where you can enjoy some of the brand’s signature Puffin Collins drinks in perhaps one of the most beautiful places in the world, the top of a glacier.

You can use the form on the Reyka website for an opportunity to be selected for this epic trip. Some of the finalists will be interviewed by Reyka Vodka’s brand ambassador, Fabiano Latham. If you happen to stink at interviews or if you are just an unlucky individual, you still have an option available.

You can find your own way to the glacier. It shouldn’t be difficult, the Reyka website already has the coordinates available. It may not be as easy as winning the trip, but how often does an opportunity like this come around?

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