Brass ‘Hygiene Hand’ Tool Acts As A Substitute For Human Hands On Public Surfaces

I think that all of us are a little more concerned about germs and viruses than we were just a few weeks ago. Thankfully, we can put our minds at ease a little more thanks to StatGear Tools and their creation of the “hygiene hand.”

It is an everyday carry tool (EDC) made of non-bacterial brass and you can fit it on a keychain. Even though it is small, you can use it to open doors and many other tasks that would otherwise require you to touch something with your hand.

“Meet the Hygiene Hand, an EDC tool that fits on your keychain and is used to help decrease the spreading of germs while performing some of your everyday tasks. When thinking about the everyday tasks we encounter, we wanted to help ‘flatten the curve’ by making a tool which allowed you to touch buttons, sign digital screens, and even open doors WITHOUT the use of your finger/hand touching the same surfaces as 100’s of other people! The Hygiene Hand is made from solid brass which is inherently anti-microbial, meaning viruses are unable to naturally thrive.”

In order to raise funds for this helpful tool, StatGear has a Kickstarter campaign . Who knows, this may even help to alleviate some of our coronavirus fears.

“As the world has been gripped by Covid-19, we wanted to use our design and manufacturing ability to come out with a solution to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Our world is EDC and being prepared is a core component. We wanted to do our part by doing what we do best – designing EDC tools that have real-world utility,” the creators wrote.

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