How Vinyl Records Are Made Hasn’t Changed That Much Over The Years

There was a long period in time when it seemed that records were going to go the way of the do-do. First the 8-track, then cassette tapes, then CDs, and finally MP3s have all threatened to make this classic mode of music obsolete. But, these days the vinyl industry is definitely making a comeback. It might never again be the industry giant that it once was, but small runs of vinyl records are now pretty common.

In a factory in New York City called Brooklyn Phono, records are made in rather the same way they were made for decades before. Owners Tom Bernich and his wife, Fern, bought used vinyl pressing equipment- much of it broken down which they then had to repair. They make 3,000 records a day at this location in all different colors. Have a look inside the vinyl pressing process in the video below.

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