How To Give A Great Back Massage

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You don’t need a special occasion or national holiday to give someone you care about a nice massage. This is the perfect gift for anyone at any time! There are so many moments in our day to cause us stress or tension: traffic on the way to work, poor posture at our desks, even a rough night of sleep can throw us out of whack. When pain or muscle tension is too great, definitely go see your doctor for treatment. But if you’re just looking for an easy way to find relaxation and stress-relieving comfort, then this back massage tutorial may just do the trick.

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As nice as it is to go to a spa and get a massage, they can be hard to schedule, with our busy calendars so often getting in the way of taking a little “Me Time” but massages can also be expensive. Save yourself time and money by learning how to do a basic at-home massage. We’re not sure which is more relaxing, this video or actually getting a great back massage! Either way, a gentle back rub is a great way to release built up tension and stress.

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Massage can be an effective way to ease tension from those day-to-day activities that we don’t realize are causing us to sit awkwardly or hold stress. Our muscles keep us upright, and they need a little TLC. Not only is this gentle massage good for your muscles, but it can be good for the spirit as well; an invigorating, stress-relieving massage can help you feel better in body and mind. The keys to a good massage include technique, appropriate pressure, and good hydration. So, make sure you’ve hydrated and that you discuss with your partner what kind of pressure you’d like to have.

Check out our video tutorial on how to give the perfect back massage.

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