How Often Should I Clean…


As much as we love having a clean house, we also know how much effort it takes to clean it. Some of us are super neat and make a detailed cleaning of our homes an exercise in thoroughness and accuracy. While others, no less appreciative of a clean house, can’t remember the last time we wiped down the backsplash, or have never once considered wiping down the bathroom walls.

There’s a “should” and a “can” or “want” when it comes to this list of how often things should be cleaned in our homes. Your level of clean will be different than that of your neighbor or mother or friend and could be very different from that of your partner or roommate. So before you start to pass judgment or feel shamed, agree on what level of clean works in your home and divide up tasks as they fulfill the particular needs of each individual in your living space.

Again, how often these “should” happen is in the eyes of the beholder, but as a general guideline, here’s a list of how often you “should” clean your bathroom, kitchen, living room, and more.

Keep reading to learn how often you need to clean these household essentials!

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