The Mesmerizing Process Of Making Chocolate

We’re the first ones to admit that we love chocolate in all of its forms. Cake, pie, candy, bars, liquid, powder, solid, and if there was a chocolate gas, you better believe we’d be on board for that as well. We find our chocolate at the grocery store, or in specialty shops, but what about the whole process the cacao bean goes through to end up on the shelves of our favorite chocolate suppliers? We’ve got a fascinating video below that shows us the whole mesmerizing journey, step-by-step!

First, the cacao pod is split open, and the fruit is separated from the beans. Did you have any idea the cacao pod was so big? Once the beans are separated out, they are ground into what is called pure cacao nibs.

These nibs are placed in a modified Indian spice grinder. These machines are usually used to make chai or curry, but the modified ones work great for grinding the nibs into a fine powder, and eventually, a paste. The nibs are left inside of the machines overnight, and then poured onto rollers that grind and flatten the paste until sugar crystals are formed. This process is repeated three more times to ensure the smoothest chocolate.

Next, the chocolate paste is heated up and sugar is added as well as other ingredients. The people over at Raaka Chocolate utilize the other 50% of the cacao bean – which consists of coco butter, to blend flavors in and put the fat back into the chocolate for an extra rich texture and flavor.

As you can see, the chocolate turned out beautifully! Go ahead and watch the video below to watch the whole process, and learn even more about beloved chocolate!

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