These Tweets Sum Up What We All Think About The Ridiculous Budgets On HGTV House Hunters

HGTV can be very addictive and House Hunters is one of the most addictive shows around. However, the truly savvy HGTV viewers are well aware that the show is not always 100% real and is staged in many instances, according to The Huffington Post. Some of the participants on the show have already started the closing process when filming begins. That is fine with us, though.

We are not watching the show to learn more about the closing process. We are here for the personality quirks that are placed on full display. These people tend to have some of the most unrealistic expectations possible and we love to watch it all unfold. Their expectations are bonkers, aren’t they? They all seem to carry themselves like they are Silicon Valley tycoons.

The Internet has definitely caught onto these pricing points. That’s what makes Twitter such a fun place. We love to log in and see all of the unvarnished commentaries on these couples. While the tweets were sent in jest, it is easy to see some of these scenarios being real. One woman joked about a “freelance hamster trainer” and his harmonica tuner wife having a budget of $950,000!

This one hits close to home for us, for sure. We cannot stop laughing at these couples and their overly idealistic points of view. How do these people come up with these price points? We wish that we could emulate them. The couple who fixes (and wears) flip flops has a budget of over $600,000? This may be a Twitter joke but it sounds like a real episode to us.

Once you have had the chance to see these tweets, you will not be able to stop laughing. They are simply too plausible not to be somewhat true. We have seen our fair share of House Hunters episodes. These tweets are simply not that far from the truth. People love to get on this show and try to live out their impossible dreams. At least we get the chance to watch them and laugh our butts off.

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