You Can Stay In A Lisa Frank Hotel Suite Stocked With All Your Favorite ’90s Snacks

Calling all Lisa Frank fans,’s Lisa Frank Flat opened on October 11th and it’s your dream come true.

The popular travel website created a super colorful and animal print-patterned suite that is fully stocked with all the Lisa Frank toys and food your heart desires. took over the penthouse inside the Barsala Flats in Downtown LA between October 11th through the 27th.

There’s a massive rainbow window display with rainbow curtains, each kitchen cabinet has its own shade, and there’s even an LED rainbow shower…And because nobody really cooks in a hotel room, the cabinets are full of Lisa Frank stuffed animals.


Because this is a 90s themed room, the mini-fridge is full of all your favorite childhood snacks: Fun Dip, Pixy Stix, Planters Cheez Balls, Gushers, Rain-Blo gum balls, Pop-Tarts, and more.

Hardcore fans will notice all the subtle Lisa Frank touches throughout the roo like trapper keepers and pencils on the desks.


There’s also a giant rainbow heart rug, a furry pink armchair, and even underwater wallpaper in the bathrooms.


The room costs $199 a night to book and is most likely sold out already. But for now, we give you these photos to drool over.

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