A Luxury Hotel Is Opening In The North Pole With Views Of The Northern Lights

Whether you’re an experienced traveler looking for the next big adventure, or a novice just starting out and exploring the world, there is something unique on the horizon that you’ll want to keep in mind. And that would be the newest hotel to hit the world – a luxurious new hotel located in the North Poled.

Who says winter can’t be a fun time to travel?


Well, this winter, any guests headed for the most northern point on the map will have an incredible opportunity to stay in the North Pole Igloo Hotel.

But don’t get excited yet, it does have two major catches. The first is that is will only be available for an extremely limited time – oh no, don’t tell me global warming is melting all the ice? And the second is that a three-night trip will cost you about $100,000.


However, if you have the money to spend, that $100,000 will certainly come with perks.

The hotel site reads, “North Pole Igloos hotel concept is movable, sustainable, but still a little extreme. Depending on weather conditions we move the heated glass igloos to most safe places around the arctic glacier. You can join the group of very rare people who have spent a night at the North Pole’s glacier.”

Furthermore, the hotel is only open by request during the month of April, however, guests can stay at another location during any of the other dates.

So what are the perks you get for $100,000 you’re wondering? Well, CNN reports that the hotel includes a two-night stay in Slavbard before embarking on a two-hour helicopter ride to the North Pole ice camp. Guests are then transported to the glacier in order to check into their igloo for the final night.


“We provide all of the equipment,” Founder of the company responsible for the igloo – Luxury Action, Janne Honkanen, said to CNN. “But you definitely need to have the spirit of an explorer or scientist.”

As an extra little incentive to making such a long and expensive journey for so short of a stay, it is noted that guests are “almost guaranteed” fantastic views of the Northern Lights, which are active in the North Pole up through April. So if you’ve got the money you should go…and please bring me as your plus one.

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