How To Host A Great Stay-At-Home Tailgate Party

We can’t always make it to a home game to cheer on for our favorite team, but we can create that tailgate experience right at home with less travel time and production that goes with the usual parking lot game-day tailgate. And the best part is, you’re stay-at-home tailgate party can go on rain or shine! We’ve got some suggestions on how to make your next at-home-tailgate party fun and easy.


We’re all for keeping these simple and easily accessible for your guests. That likely means a couple of different coolers, and we always like to have a cooler that is reserved exclusively for the kiddos, filled with juice boxes, mini cans of soda, and bottles of water.

The adult-beverage cooler can have the usual suspects, like beer and wine. It’s also nice to have a “house cocktail” – one beverage that you can easily make and serve. Maybe a spiked strawberry-lemonade in a pitcher (clearly labeled) or margaritas. This is a great way to have something “fresh” on hand but also not something that keeps you tied down to managing a bar.


We all know how important food is to a tailgate party. Most often you’ll see hot dogs, burgers, chips, and of course, dips. The key is to have some food that is pre-made so that you as the host are able to enjoy the tailgate too!


Dips are an easy way to get the party started. You can pick up some premade dips at the grocery store, like hummus or a cucumber ranch dip from the deli. We also like to make something special, like a hot cheesy dip. Our Cheesy Reuben Dip is absolutely amazing!

Of course, you’ll need something to scoop up all that delicious dip, so chips, sturdy crackers, veggies, or slices of pita are all great vehicles serving and eating a delicious dip.

Here’s a fun idea: have a “Best Tailgate Dip Contest”. Everyone brings a homemade dip. Create judging cards to tally up points based on presentation and taste (or whatever categories you’d like to have) and then make a trophy or award to be presented to the winner of your Best Tailgate Dip Contest!

Main Dish

Keeping the food in manageable sized portions means we get to enjoy all of the delicious foods at our tailgate party. Burgers and hot dogs are always easy and they’re an easy way to feed a hungry crowd. There’s another recipe that is great to serve at a tailgate and it’s hearty finger food. That’s why these french dip sliders are just so good. They’re pretty simple to make, serve, and eat! You can find the recipe here: French Dip Sliders.


There’s no reason why all of your dessert options can’t be store-bought. Cookies, fruit kebabs, even something as simple as some donut holes drizzled with chocolate sauce. But we just love this dip-themed dessert because it reminds us of all those delicious dips from the appetizers but in a sweet dessert form. Piña Colada Dip is a sweet treat that everyone can enjoy!

Gather up whatever else you’ll need for this stay-home-tailgate party: some camping chairs, folding tables, Bluetooth speakers for your favorite playlist or a live stream of the game, a TV or tablet to watch the game on outside, and maybe a few lawn games like cornhole (a bean-bag toss for those who might not be familiar). As much as we love a good pre-game tailgate party right in the parking lot at the stadium of our home team, sometimes the stay-at-home tailgate is just as fun, without all of the traffic or crowds, long lines, and crummy weather. Cheer on your favorite team with a gathering of great friends and good food.

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