Bring In A Photo Of Your Ex To Hooters On Valentine’s Day And Get Free Boneless Wings

Hooters knows that Valentine’s Day is not always the best day for those of us who are still trying to get over an ex that broke our hearts. That’s why they are offering an incredible promotion that allows you to eat your feelings away this year. If you would like to receive ten free boneless wings from Hooters on Valentine’s Day, they are happy to help you out.

There is only one catch, so to speak. You are going to have to bring a picture of your ex! The deal actually provides you with a chance to get some much-needed closure. In order to receive the free wings, you are going to have to bring the picture AND shred it.

Who wouldn’t love to shred a picture of their ex and get free wings while doing so? This sounds like a classic win/win scenario. Of course, the average person does not typically have access to printed photos of their ex. Not to worry, though. Hooters has thought of everything ahead of time. They are truly invested in making your Valentine’s Day a great one.

The photo can be shredded digitally. From there, you are provided with the voucher for your ten free wings. Doesn’t that sound nice? This is a good way to spend your Valentine’s Day. The last thing that you need to do is sit around and stew over your ex all day. Get over it already. We know that it can be hard, but guess what? We have the utmost faith and we mean that sincerely.

Getting over someone is hard. We have all been through it before and it is a more universal experience than most of us realize. If you would like the chance to wash down your sad feelings with free food, Hooters has definitely got you all taken care of. You would be forgiven for wanting to enjoy a beer or two alongside your wings, but we digress.

Those who are looking to pull a true alpha move can bring their new boo to dinner with them, shred the photo, and enjoy the free wings. We are not sure how your new significant other is going to feel about this, so be sure to ask them first. Either way, free wings are calling you! Better start sifting through old photo albums to choose the perfect, shred-worthy picture.

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