11 Classic Recipes We Learned In Home Ec.

Though home economics doesn’t really exist in schools these days, a lot of us grew up with these classes as part of our scholastic curriculum. Cooking, sewing and learning fiscal responsibility were just some of the topics covered in this class and we decided to round up 11 of the classic recipes that were home ec. staples. If you took home economics in middle school or high school, there’s a good chance you learned at least some of the recipes on this list – keep reading and take a look at the classics!

Bavarian Cream

Bavarian cream is a classic custard dessert comprised of an egg-thickened milk mixture that has whipped cream folded into it. It can be quite impressive (and delicious) when made correctly, though we seem to recall some versions in our Home Ec. class that did NOT turn out so well…and let us tell you, runny Bavarian cream is somewhat less than appetizing.

Funnel Cake

This tasty fried dessert is not just a carnival staple, but a home ec. staple as well! For those of us who had only tried it on the fairgrounds, finding out that funnel cake can be made by whipping up a quick batter and then drizzling it into some frying oil was an epic discovery – now we don’t need to buy tickets to get our favorite fried treat!

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