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Photographer Organizes Rogue Shoot In Hobby Lobby & The Photos Are Stunning.

This story originally appeared at InspireMore by Toni Matthews.

Most photographers will tell you that their camera has nothing to do with the quality of their photos. Typically, all you need is a good subject or location.

But if you talked to photographer Adam Delane, he’d probably say that even in the most mundane location, you can create beautiful, magazine-ready images. To prove this point, he posted up at one of America’s many Hobby Lobby stores and proceeded to blow everyone away with his jaw-dropping shots.

What’s amazing is that the “behind the scenes” photos seem deceptively ordinary.

Adam’s photographic mastery lies in the staging, lighting, and editing of the images.

It’s truly incredible to see the making of a great photo. The models and the fake flowers make the Hobby Lobby background fade away.

And then there’s the breathtaking final product.

Since posting his stunning photo series, his album has been viewed and shared by hundreds of thousands of admiring fans.

Adam joked that Hobby Lobby was going to get swarmed by aspiring photographers… and honestly, we’re not ruling it out. Look at these images!

The funniest part of this whole photoshoot, though, is that they did it all under wraps.

Whenever shoppers walked by, Adam and his team pretended to be perusing the aisles. According to Adam, “We knew at any moment someone was going to come around the corner and tell us we couldn’t shoot there … So we just tried to execute as much as we could.”

If you’d like to see more of Adam Delane’s incredible photography, check out his Facebook and Instagram. And don’t forget to share this story to spread his beautiful skills.

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