Funny “Grandma Name” Video Highlights the Pitfalls of What the Grandkids Will Call You

When it comes to what the grandkids will call their grandparents, tradition does have something to do with it, as does the region your family is from. But, like so many other things in life, your grandma name often happens sort of by accident. If the first grandchild gets stuck in their pronunciation of a grannie’s “chosen” term, then quite often the other kids will follow suit and soon you end up with something like “Na-na” or “Ala” in place of grandma.

If you’re easy going about it then it doesn’t really matter, but of course it would also be nice to be able to craft something which you’ll be known as for a whole other generation of little humans! Have a look at the dilemma in the hilarious video below which poses the scenario of what it would be like to actually shop for your grandma name.

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