How To Make A High End Planter With A Trash Can And A Rug

We love finding new and creative ways to get that high-end look without the high-end price tag. In this case, we’ve found a great way to make an expensive-looking planter for the price of a trash can, a doormat, and some spray paint! That’s right. You won’t believe how well this little hack turned out. Follow along to see how easy this really is!

1. Gather Supplies

For this project, you’ll need a tall trash can with a rounded lid. You’ll also need a door mat in whatever design you want. The look they went for in this tutorial was an intricate iron type of design. Finally, you’ll need some industrial strength glue.

2. Attach Doormat

Add a generous amount of glue to the back of the mat, making sure to get all of the little nooks and crannies. Then, secure the mat to the trash can using clamps, ropes, bungee cords, whatever you need to do to make sure the mat is flush with the trash can while drying.

3. Doctor Up The Lid & Spray Paint

While you wait for the glue to dry, go ahead and grab the lid of the trash can. Secure the flap by duct tapping it shut. Spray paint the lid, as well as the trash can once everything is dry. Turn the lid upside down so it fits in the top of the trash can, making a bowl of sorts.

4. Add Plants & Enjoy!

Once everything is set up, add dirt and your choice of plants! As you can see, this little project looks great from up close and afar! Make sure to put some rocks in the bottom of the trash can to secure it in place and prevent it from toppling over with the added weight at the top.

Check out the video below for more detailed instructions!

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