You Can Get A Stocking Filled With 52 Ounces Of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing

If you happen to be in love with ranch dressing, we have good news for you. Hidden Valley is offering a variety of gifts to ranch lovers for Christmas, including greeting cards, onesies, sweaters, and a Christmas stocking stuffed with ranch dressing.

Many people love ranch dressing but some people are absolutely obsessed with it. Perhaps that is why Hidden Valley decided they would give those people what they wanted, plenty of merchandise. The first ranch-themed clothing line was launched in 2017 and they haven’t looked back since. They added plenty of holiday-themed items last year, including snow globes, and an inflatable glowing ranch bottle for your front lawn. They even put some summer gear out, including the ‘I Put Ranch on My Ranch’ swimsuit and ranch bottle pool float.

Christmas is just around the corner so you might be wondering if Hidden Valley will be up to their old tricks again. You will be amazed by what is now available.

You can peruse the Ranch Shop to find plenty of new limited edition, exclusive items for sale. One item that you will not want to miss out on is available for preorder. It is a customized Hidden Valley Ranch stocking that can be filled with ranch dressing.

The plastic stocking is 15″ x 7″ and retails for $35. It comes filled with 52 ounces of Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dressing and you can even use it, thanks to the ‘functional pour spout at stocking toe’. In other words, Santa won’t have to fill the stocking, because it will come prefilled. The best news is that hidden Valley says they will ship early in December so you can have one this year above your mantle.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more practical, Hidden Valley is prepared for that as well. Imagine wearing a unisex polyester onesie! You can buy one for the adults in your household for $75 and a matching one for the kids for $35. If that isn’t quite your taste, perhaps you might want to try the Hidden Valley Holiday Fleece Blanket for $50 or the $30 Hidden Valley Ranch pillow.

There are other options available from the company as well. They include hidden Valley Ranch sweaters in holiday red, green snowflake and Hanukkah blue. The sweaters cost $50 each. You can also purchase black dress socks or red fuzzy socks at $20 a pair. Top it all off with a green beanie, fully equipped with a pom-pom for $25.

Then there is the Hidden Valley Ranch Holiday Mug ($10) and Hidden Valley Ranch Holiday Cards ($25).

You might want to pick these up as soon as possible because there is no telling when they might pull the plug on it. Ugly Christmas sweaters have been a big part of holiday cheer for many years so you may just want to invest in a ranch dressing sweater to win any ugly sweater parties you may happen to attend.

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