Couple Finds Old Safe (Complete With Treasure Map!) Hidden In Their Kitchen

A young couple was renovating their kitchen when they made a startling discovery. No, not mold or termites… A hidden safe. When they moved in, they found what looked to be a combination to a lock of some sorts in one of the bedrooms. They had no idea what it was for but decided to hang on to it just in case. Boy, are they glad they did!

The safe contained a few items, including a very nice bottle of whiskey still sealed with a label that read 1960. They also found a boatload of cash. $51,000, to be exact.

The cash, while an exciting find in and of itself, was not the most interesting thing in the safe. The couple also discovered a book, which at first seemed to be stuffed with a few odd bookmarks. Upon further inspection, however, they realized they stumbled upon a treasure map of sorts.

The first bookmark was just inside the cover. It was a picture of someone with the inscription, “Allen, I have a book you must read. I’ve underlined a few key passages. Your friend, Vincent.”

Each “bookmark” was stuffed in a page that had an interesting passage underlined.

The first clue was found on page 7, with the quote, “One way of looking at the world as a whole is by means of a map, that is to say, some sort of a plan or outline that shows where various things are to be found.” Surely, that’s talking about a treasure map! The bookmark was a map of Arizona with the city of Mesa circled.

The next clue was a picture of trees with the message, “Where one tree becomes three,” on the back. The passage that was underlined reads, “There yielded such fruitful results.” Sure sounds like “X marks the spot,” doesn’t it?

The final bookmark was in the form of an old bingo card. There are three numbers circled – 66, 3, and 54. The husband pointed out that the combination to open the safe was three numbers, so maybe the numbers coordinate to a safe that is buried in Mesa, under the three-headed tree? The couple has yet to make a trek out to Arizona, especially since all they have to go on is an old picture of a tree, but it’s exciting to think about what may be hidden there!

Watch the video below to get more details on the treasure map and what the couple found in the safe!

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