HGTV Is Looking For A Small Town That Needs A Complete Makeover For A New Show

Have you been bitten by the HGTV bug? It’s amazing to watch some of the shows where they update homes and turn them from drab to amazing. They are about to turn up the heat with a new show, starring Ben and Erin Napier from the ‘Home Town’ series. It may just be the biggest thing HGTV has done so far.

If you aren’t familiar with the Napiers, they are experts at home renovation and love small-town living. Their specialty tends to gravitate toward the restoration of historical dwellings. Ben and Erin help families to bring out the best that their homes have to offer.

“I think the trend toward finding a simpler life is happening in small towns everywhere,” Erin said in a press release. “We want these families to feel like they are truly at home and to feel it in their heart when they walk in the door.”

The Napiers are back at it again and taking things to the next level. They want to do more than renovate small homes, they would like to renovate entire towns. The upcoming series, “Home Town Takeover,” will have them traveling throughout the United States helping to revitalize small communities.

In order to get the best small towns on the schedule, HDTV is asking for help from their viewers. If somebody lives in a small town that meets the requirements, they can submit an online form to request inclusion for the show.

How To Submit Your Town For A ‘Home Town Takeover’

In order to be considered for the show, a small town must meet the following requirements.

* The township must have a population of fewer than 40,000 residents.
* The town should contain buildings with outstanding architecture that would benefit from revitalization.
* The location ought to include a Main Street area that is in desperate need of a makeover.

If you want to submit your hometown for the show, you can use the official submission page to upload pictures and videos. HGTV would like additional information about the community and why you love it. You might also want to include a video tour and some community interviews.

Good luck!

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