The Property Brothers To Star On The New HGTV Show ‘Celebrity IOU’ With Brad Pitt

HGTV is one of our favorite networks and they have no shortage of awesome shows. The Property Brothers are our favorite HGTV stars, though. We could watch them all day, and the network is now providing us with the chance to enjoy their interactions with various celebrities. Celebrity IOU is here and from the looks of it? It is sure to be spectacular.

We never dreamed that we would get the chance to see the Property Brothers in the same room with Brad Pitt, but here we are. Drew and Jonathan Scott are going to be spending time with your favorite movie stars because Hollywood’s A list needs to renovate their homes just like the rest of us. We are finally getting a long-awaited peak into this process.

These A list stars are going to be surprising their loved ones with the renovations and the Property Brothers will be providing their assistance. After all, they have a great deal of experience when it comes to bringing people’s visions to fruition.

Celebrity IOU episodes will follow the rich and famous as they embark on renovation projects for their friends, mentors, and loved ones. Hopefully, we get to watch Brad Pitt do some remodeling. We know what you are truly here for, though. You probably want to know about the other celebrities that are slated to make appearances.

Michael Bublé, Rebel Wilson, Viola Davis, and Melissa McCarthy are also going to be making appearances on the show. The series premiere is right around the corner, so be sure to tune into HGTV at 9 PM on April 13.

HGTV will also be making additional content available to its online audience. We cannot wait for this premiere and we urge you to pass this information along to your closest friends and loved ones.

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