Heineken Is Selling 31-Packs Of Non-Alcoholic Beer For Dry January

Dry January has become a popular trend, as more and more people look to cut out the indulgences after the holiday season is over. It is easy to see why. The holiday season can cause some of us to overdo it a bit. Heineken is here to help. They are looking to make the month of Dry January simpler. Their non alcoholic beer has become a staple of this month.

Now, Heineken is offering a 31 pack! Dry January has come a long way since its humble beginnings. A British nonprofit organization is responsible for its initial promotion but now it has taken hold all over the world. The government was looking to assist citizens with their health initiatives once New Year’s rolled around. A 31-day break from alcohol is a great way to go about this task.

These 31 packs function in the same manner as an Advent calendar, providing buyers with 1 beer for each day of the month. Each beer comes with 0.0 percent ABV and lets us enjoy the delicious taste of Heineken without any of the guilt. The bottles come with 69 calories apiece as well. January Dry Packs are also being provided free of charge, thanks to a promotion that is being offered by the company.

Photo: Heineken

All you will need to do is head to the website that has been provided and place that free order. It is great to see a company like this one doing everything in their power to help. After all, there is no shortage of Heinekens being consumed during the Christmas season. That’s why it is time to take a step back during the month of January and reassess things a bit.

The free promotion is not being extended outside of the 31 packs, though. The typical 6 packs are still available to those who visit their local retailers. Prices will vary, so be forewarned. Thanks to Heineken, you can try out the 31 pack and find out if the non-alcoholic beers are the ones for you! Spoiler alert: they are going to wet your whistle just fine.

Whether this is something that you have always wanted to do or you are accustomed to Dry January already, this is a great deal. 2020 offers each of us another opportunity to achieve our goals. Whether you are looking to cut back on the beers or simply try something new, Heineken is the company for you. Be sure to pass this amazing deal along to your friends and loved ones. Cheers!

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