You Can Buy Heart-Shaped Boxes Filled With Fireball Shots For Valentine’s Day

Chocolate is undoubtedly the most popular choice for a Valentine’s Day gift but then again, it has been around for years. Sometimes it’s good to change your game and bring something new that may even become a lifelong tradition. If you have been considering mixing things up this Valentine’s Day, you might want to consider a heart-shaped box full of fireball shooters. It’s the gift that keeps on giving and may even be a gift you want to give yourself.

On Instagram, there is a food watchdog account that posted a picture of these special treats. The fireball Valentine’s Day hearts are known as “Chocolate Is for Amateurs” and they are being sold at a local liquor store in Maryland, Vlamis Liquors.

In part, the caption reads: “Life is like a box of Fireball, you never know which shot you’ll get.” It may seem like a strange statement unless you have tried some of these shooters for yourself. Sure, they may all be identical but if you close your eyes and reach for it, you never know which one you may grab.

It would be difficult to sum up our excitement over the unique product but one commenter tried when they posted: “This is fantastic.”

‘Nuff said.

A picture of the box has also been tested by the liquor store using the caption: “Show the one you care for, they still light the fire in your life with a 10pk of Fireball this Valentine’s Day.”

If you know somebody that loves fireball shooters, perhaps a trip to Maryland may be in order.

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