You Can Now Get A Massage At This Harry Potter-Themed Spa

If you happen to be a huge Harry Potter fan (or if you just like being pampered), you may want to head to the Wand & Willow Day Spa in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

The spa is owned by Wendy Piedad, a self-proclaimed Harry Potter superfan.

“I wanted something that is unique to my personality,” Piedad said, according to SimpleMost.

Throughout the spa, you will find many Harry Potter fixtures, including bowtruckles, nifflers, and owls.

“It was very important for me to not have it be gimmicky or hit you in the face when you walk in like you’re in a retail store. I wanted it to be soothing and something that would cater to both Harry Potter fans and non-Harry Potter fans alike,” she said.

Many people who go to Wand & Willow for the first time are also going to a spa for the first time.


“I get a lot of first-time visitors. [Afterward,] they always feel more in tune with themselves and happy they’ve had their self-care and that’s really important to me,” she said.

Approximately 60% of everyone who comes to Wand & Willow is there because of the enthusiasm that Piedad has for Harry Potter stories.

“A lot of the die-hard Harry Potter fans will come decked out in Harry Potter clothes or their house crests’ colors,” she said.

Piedad is interested in more than making her customers feel pampered, she also wants to share her love for the books.

“[To] just make everyone feel welcome and at home and let everyone believe there is a little magic inside of us… that’s what keeps people coming back,” she said.

You can get a sneak peek at Wand & Willow in this video:

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