Wholesome Christmas Ad Only Cost $130 And It’s Melting Everyone’s Hearts

We always see a ramp-up of advertising around Christmas as businesses try to get your attention as much as possible. They do what they can to help you realize that you cannot live without the service or product they provide. That is why you see so much more advertising and some companies are spending millions of dollars to make it happen.

Haford Hardware store has been known for its Christmas adverts for many years. As a family-owned, 19th-century hardware shop in Rhayader, Mid-Wales, it tries its best to live up to the hype. A man by the name of Tom Jones is the owner and operator.

They release the “Haford Christmas Commercial” around this time and even though it’s only been going on a couple of years, they are well known for it. “We’ve had a great response these last two years, but nothing like this year. It’s just been crazy,” Jones told CNN.

Two-year-old Artur Lewis Jones stars in this year’s commercial. The commercial costs about $130 and Artur is the son of the owner. It follows the young lad as he wakes up in the morning, gets ready and leaves the home on his own.

Artur then heads to the Haford Hardware store to get it ready for opening and then flips the sign. He takes care of the counter, works with a customer at the register and sends him off with a smile and a thumbs up.

At the end of the day, he walks out of the store and carries a giant Christmas tree. In the next shot, he is replaced by his father and the video ends with: “Be a kid this Christmas.”

After the video was uploaded to YouTube earlier in December, it went viral. More than 300,000 people have watched the video and they are even sharing it on Facebook and Twitter.

John Lewis is often known for putting out the year’s best Christmas advert but it seems as if this one may just come out on top. Twitter user, Susan James‏( @susan40james) tweeted, “As soon as I saw Haford Hardware I knew it was Ryader! We have stayed near the village twice for folk camp. Lovely place and people. What a lovely video.”

Katie Hepworth Spoon‏ (@spoonzoo) tweeted: “I’m not crying, you’re crying. The most beautiful rendition of Forever Young by @avonkampen makes it perfection. @cnn @HafordHardware #BeAKidThisChristmas”

When they came out with their first commercial two years ago, it had the theme of ‘Delivering Magic’. The second one was themed, ‘Making Houses, Homes’. You can see those ads here.

The new advert can be seen in this video:

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