A List Of Grocery Stores That Are Open On New Year’s Day

2019 is almost over and now that 2020 is around the corner, it is time to start making New Year’s plans. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for us to find stores that are open. It does not matter what your plans may be, either. There is a wide range of stores that shut down for the holiday. However, we are here to provide you with a list of locations that are willing to help out this New Year’s.

Grocery Stores Open On New Year’s Eve And New Year’s Day (unless listed below)

Albertsons: open regular hours

Hy-Vee: open 24 hours

Kroger: open until 10 P.M.

Publix: open until 9 P.M.

Safeway: open until 11 P.M.

Stop & Shop: open regular hours

Target: open until 9 P.M.

Walmart: open regular hours

Wegman’s: open until 8 P.M.

Whole Foods: open until 8 P.M.

Grocery Stores That Are Closed On New Year’s Day

If the store you’re looking for is not listed below, it’s likely to open on New Year’s Day!



Sam’s Club

Trader Joe’s

Grocery stores do not always stop to consider the needs of certain customers. There are also those who do not make the right decisions when it comes time to stock up. In a perfect world, we would get to the store before New Year’s. It is easy to lose sight of the importance of completing all errands in a timely manner during the holiday season, though.

Thanks to the aforementioned list, you now have a wide range of locations to visit when you are in need of those last-minute supplies. It can be tough to make time for the store when you are fighting off that New Year’s Eve hangover but we have the utmost level of faith in you. You need to find the fortitude to head to the store, even when others cannot.

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