She Rubs Coconut Oil And Lemon Juice On Her Hair… After Reading This, You Will Too!

Gray hair. It’s an inevitable part of aging. While some can pull it off with grace and poise, the rest of us are stuck trying to cover it up with harsh chemical dyes. You may know that hair is colored by melanin. As we age, the activity in the melanin cells slows down and eventually stops, which leads to less pigment in the hair. By using harsh chemicals, you are simply covering up the hair, and actually doing damage to it. Fortunately, there are several all-natural remedies that can slow or even reverse the cycle of gray hair. Keep reading to get our favorite home remedies!

Tea Dye

tean dye
Instead of buying boxed hair dye, or spending a ton of money on getting your hair colored at the salon, why not try tea instead? That’s right! Tea is a super inexpensive and all natural way to easily get rid of gray hair. You can use a combination of black, chamomile, and rooibos teas to match your hair color. Black teas are great for darker hues, while chamomile blends in nicely with blonde hair, and rooibos teas make a rich red for you redheads out there. Simply steep 3-5 tea bags in two cups of boiling water and allow it to cool. Apply the tea concentrate to your wetted hair. Alternatively, you can mix the concentrate with conditioner and let it sit for at least an hour. The longer it’s in your hair, the more intense the color will be. Rinse your hair off in cool water. Repeat once a week to maintain color.

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