This Scented Candle Is Perfect For The Grammar Police In Your Life And Smells Like ‘Your Annoying’

The Internet has been an amazing addition to our lives but it also has brought about a rather annoying personality trait, the need for somebody to correct your grammar. It doesn’t matter if you ask for their opinion or not, they are going to revel in the fact that they can give that opinion and you can’t do anything about it. If this is something that you have to deal with in your life, then you will appreciate this $21 ‘smells like your annoying‘ scented candle from Amazon. They are going to hate the grammatical error on the label every time they light it.

“Just wanted to shoot a quick message to let you know how impressed we all are that you finally figured out the difference between your and you’re, thanks to Facebook trolls,” manufacturer Whiskey River Soap Co. sarcastically says in the candle’s description. “But as a club member, you now have to quit whining about everyone else’s grammatical errors. Trust me, you’re still making some.”

As it turns out, Whiskey River offers a variety of candles for everyone. This includes an introverted unscented candle for $20 and the morning people candle that smells like ‘hell no’ for $29.

Let’s face it, getting a grammar police candle is not going to stop people from correcting everything we say or write. Then again, it’s at least a way to get a dig in and that is something we can all appreciate.

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