Top 10 Simple Cooking Tips From Gordon Ramsay

We’re all about making delicious, simple meals and desserts that feed and satisfy the whole family. And just because a meal is simple and uses basic ingredients, doesn’t mean it can’t still pack a huge punch of flavor! The key really is in the details, more specifically how you prepare your meal. Below, we’ve gathered some of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s top cooking tips.

The Proper Way To Chop Herbs

Gordon Ramsay tells us that a common mistake a lot of people make is bruising herbs when they attempt to chop them. You can tell you’ve bruised an herb when you try to scrape it off the cutting board and you leave a huge mess of green behind. This, he says, leaves the essence of the herb right there on the cutting board instead of inside of the herb where it can transfer to your food. So, what is the correct way of chopping herbs? You gather them in a bunch and roll them – and then simply chop down the line. But, only go over the herb once – don’t hack it to pieces.

Cooking Potatoes

Mosst people drop potatoes into boiling water, but that would be a mistake! You actually want to start potatoes off in cold water. This way, when the center of the potato is cooked, the outside won’t be falling apart.

Cutting A Red Pepper

The easiest (and cleanest) way to cut a red pepper is to first chop the setm off, and then set the pepper upside down on the cutting board. Then, slice in vertical lines down the side of the pepper. The result is flat pieces of red pepper that you can then chop up. Plus, this method keeps all of the seeds in tact so they aren’t all over your cutting board and kitchen counter!

Watch the video below for the rest of the quick and easy kitchen tips!

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