A Beginner Friendly Yoga Flow To Start Your Day


When I talk to friends, family and strangers who have never practiced yoga, the general response is “I’m not flexible” or “I can’t touch my toes.” While Instagram may be full of yogis throwing their feet behind their heads or balancing on their hands, let me be the first to clarify that neither is a requirement to practice yoga.

In fact, when yoga began many years ago, it looked very different from the yoga that many of us know these days and the practice of the “asanas” (or yoga postures) only came to be within the last several hundred years. But I won’t bore you by turning this into a yoga history lesson. The point being that we don’t need to be able to contort our bodies into crazy shapes to practice yoga.

In fact, yoga is just that; it’s a practice. And as with anything that we want to get better at, we have to start where we are and through consistent practice and repetition, we’ll improve and get better. That’s exactly how it is with yoga.

Remember to consult with your healthcare provider before starting any diet or exercise program.


Today we are going to practice a little yoga. This quick little flow is the perfect way to start your day and build a little heat to wake up your body first thing in the morning, but you can do it any time of day. I love to run through the flow 2 or 3 times for a little workout when I’m short on time or add a few more rounds when I really want to build heat and sweat.

Watch along as I teach Sarah this little flow and then give it a try for yourself. Run through the video as many times as you want, listening to my direction and cues. I know you’re going to love it. Let me know in the comments below when you try it and how it went.

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