10 Things You Should Always Buy At Aldi (And What To Avoid)

When it comes to discount food stores, Aldi always makes the list. They have super low prices without having to buy in bulk like you do at Costco. There are some surprisingly good things you can find at Aldi – like grass-fed beef and organic almond milk. However, there are also plenty of things to avoid. Here’s a great list to help get you prepared for your next trip to Aldi!

What To Buy:


Spices are a great buy at Aldi for several reasons. First, they are a ridiculously good price. These containers are under a dollar! The only place you can find a better price per ounce is at Costco, however, we don’t recommend buying spices in big quantities. Most spices lose their flavor after 3-4 months, so unless you think you’re going to go through the whole tub of garlic powder, you’re better off getting your spices in smaller containers.

Gluten-Free Mixes

Another delightful find at Aldi is gluten-free mixes. There are several to choose from – cakes, pancakes, brownies, etc. Not only are the prices for these mixes really good, but the ingredient list is spot on. A lot of gluten-free mixes use bean flour, which tends to give your dessert an earthy, bean-like flavor. The mixes found at Aldi use rice flour!

Grass-Fed Beef

The grass-fed beef at Aldi is a truly surprising find. Again, the price for the product is good, but the quality of the meat is what really stands out. A lot of grass-fed beef products cheat the system – they’ll feed the cows beef for most of their lives, and then they’ll switch to corn and soy for the last six months to fatten them up, thus undoing all of the good of the “grass-fed” lifestyle. You’ll want to look for labels that say “100% grass-fed,” which is exactly what Aldi has.

What To Avoid

Organic Eggs

On the other end of the spectrum, we have a few things to avoid, such as organic eggs. The truth is, “organic” and even “cage-free” eggs… don’t really mean anything. They are just labels and marketing ploys. What matters when it comes to eggs, is what the chickens eat. Turns out, your organic, free-range chickens eat the same corn and soybeans as the regular chickens, it just costs $2 more at check-out.

Powder/dried Broth

While these broths are super easy to use in a lot of recipes, and often very cost-effective when it comes to meal planning, they are stuffed full with sodium, preservatives, fillers, and a long laundry-list of ingredients that are only put in there to prolong the product’s shelf-life. You can buy organic chicken or beef broth at Aldi for a pretty good price, so it’s best to go that route if your recipe calls for it!

Parmesan Cheese

Another item that you should avoid at all costs – and not just at Aldi – is pre-shredded parmesan cheese (usually found in a green bottle). Again, this stuff was designed with shelf-life in mind, and not the people who would consume the actual cheese. Can you guess what one of the main ingredients found in this product? Wood pulp. You read that right! It’s definitely better to purchase the real deal and just shred it yourself. Not only is it better for you, but it tastes so much better! You’ll be amazed at the difference between the green-bottle parmesan and the fresh parmesan.

Check out what else you should and shouldn’t buy at Aldi in the video below!

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