You Can Now Get Your Girlfriend A ‘Golden Girls’ Chia Pet

Buying gifts for your girlfriends can be really hard. Especially when you waited until the last minute.

Photo: Amazon

You could get them a bottle of wine, but that’ so boring! Why not get her a Chia Pet featuring characters from the GREATEST SHOW EVER Golden Girls?

Always Fit first gave us the Golden Girls hot sauce and are back with a sorta creepy way to celebrate our favorite show.

Photo: Amazon

Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia Chia Pets are sold separately and are $18 each (on sale from $28).

Each one comes with three packets of chia seeds, a plastic drip tray, and care instructions.

Photo: Amazon

According to Always Fits, “In just a few short weeks, your Chia Pet will achieve maximum growth and enjoy a luscious green coat.”

Photo: Amazon

The fun never stops with ch-ch-ch-chia pets!

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