You Can Now Celebrate Your Birthday With This ‘Golden Girls’-Themed’ Birthday Kit

While the original premiere of The Golden Girls took place decades ago, the show has yet to lose any popularity. In fact, it only seems to be gaining fans as the years go on. These women are easy to relate to and there is no generational gap taking place here. It is truly heartwarming to see the youth of today getting into the show. Now you will have the chance to throw your very own Golden Girls themed party! These party kits are here to make life simple.

Once you have this birthday party kit, its the next best thing to partying with The Golden Girls themselves.

You’ll receive a table cover, a “Happy Birthday” banner, beverage napkins, regular napkins, paper cups, dessert plates, and dinner plates. Each item is customized to fit The Golden Girls theme.

The plates even offer a fun mantra for us to live by. We’ve always wanted to live like Rose, anyways. Who wouldn’t want to dress like Blanche? Dorothy is the thinker of the group and Sophia says what is on her mind all of the time. This is a show that offers no shortage of life lessons.

The larger napkins are also emblazoned with a variety of quotes from these ladies. The Instagram community is already weighing in on this party kit. It was a major hit, as you would expect. The kits are available in multiple sizes: You can choose from the eight-person kit or the 16-person kit. Head to Amazon and place your order as soon as possible.

You can take one of these kits home for just $34.99. These decorations do not even have to be used during a birthday celebration. They are multipurpose.

Is there ever really a wrong time to deck out your place with Golden Girls stuff? You already know the answer to that question, don’t you? Make sure that you lock the door, though.

The last thing that you want is an unexpected appearance from the Stan in your life. If you’d like to take your next party to a new level, head to your local Target as there are costumes for each character currently available.

Is this destined to be your next party?

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