The Easiest Way To Add Gold To Almost Anything

In case you haven’t heard, gold is all the rage right now! Gold accents, gold furniture, gold trim, gold nails, gold shoes… you name it, and there’s probably a gold version available. However, you don’t need to go out and buy a whole bunch of new things to accommodate for this trend – you can upgrade the stuff you already have in just a few simple steps!

This first project is great for any kind of plastic or wood based item, like this starburst mirror. It would work for picture frames, book shelves, even glass bottles or votive holders. All you need is some Mod Podge and gold foil. Paint on a layer of Mod Podge and then press the foil on the surface, making sure to really press down hard so the foil transfers.

This next project is pretty straight forward, and works really well on metal and othe non-porous surfaces. Just grab bottle of gold leaf paint and get to work! It may take a few layers of paint to cover everything, but when it’s done, the end product will look like it’s made out of pure gold! Ok, maybe not, but it’s a close second!

This last project is so cool and super trendy. Don’t you just love the gold accents on the edge of this cast iron chandelier? So pretty! This is another project that requires just a few simple supplies. Mod Podge and simple leaf gold paper – you can find this at most hobby stores. Paint the Mod Podge on the edges and press the gold leaf paper down. Brush away the excess with a paintbrush and admire your hard work!

Get more details on each project by watching the video below!

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