People Are Turning Vintage Globes Into Amazing Pendant Lights

We used to live in a throwaway society and in many cases, we do still throw away things when they are beyond repair. More and more often, however, people are changing throwaway objects into beautiful new objects through a process known as upcycling. Reusing old objects in this way can add value to them and the results can be remarkable.

One of the things that people are now upcycling is vintage globes. People are taking these old globes and turning them into pendant lamps. Yes, pendant lamps have been around for quite some time but these lights and the creativity of those who made them will surprise you.

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As far as upcycling is concerned, it is all about repurposed objects for sustainability. Having globe lamps in your home, especially if you have created them from a throwaway item can really make you appreciate what you have at your disposal. Some of the globes that were turned into lamps were beautiful, but now that they are lights, they have taken things to the next level.

When you look down through most of these pendant lamps, you will find that the majority use the Antarctica side of the globe for the opening. It allows the majority of the globe to remain intact and you can see other places around the world easily.

Upcycling really helps to lower your carbon footprint. It reduces how much material ends up discarded in a landfill.

Using old material to make something new also reduces how much raw material is necessary for creating new items. This can lessen the impact we have on the environment in many different ways.

More and more people are getting started with upcycling. Seeing beautiful creations, such as these, can help to motivate anyone to give it a try.

Converting the globe into a pendant lamp is not difficult. You just need a pendant light cord and an old Globe. Use a serrated knife to cut a large hole in the bottom and a smaller one for the top.

You can use white spray paint for the inside of the globe, either with clear or glossy texture. Bias tape along the lower edge can also be used with the spray paint dries. Pull the pendant light through the top and hang it. Make sure you use a low-temperature bulb.

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