This Hotel In Norway Has A Glass-Bottom Pool That Hovers 2,000 Feet Above The Fjords

One of the reasons why people getaway to a hotel is because of the scenery of the surrounding area. Sometimes you need to get out and go to the scenery, at other times, the hotel brings the scenery to you.

Photo: Dezeen / Hayri Atak

In Norway, a new concept for a boutique hotel promises to bring some of the most spectacular views offered anywhere and it will do it in a very unique way. The concept for the hotel comes from Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio and the hotel would be built into a cliff that rises some 2,000 feet over the Lysefjorden fjords. That area is already popular among the tourists but this new hotel is sure to take things to the next level.

Photo: Dezeen / Hayri Atak

You would enter the nine-suite hotel from the top of the cliff. It will have guest rooms and a common lounge area that overlook the beautiful vistas. Perhaps the most stunning view, however, comes in the form of a glass-bottom pool. You will be swimming safe and sound while looking into the fjord some 2,000 feet below.

Photo: Dezeen / Hayri Atak

A photograph was sent to the studio founder, Hayri Atak that inspired the concept. A friend had taken the picture on her trip to Norway and Atak wanted to capture the scene and make it a project.

“Even though I wasn’t there, I experienced the adrenaline of being on the edge,” Atak shares. “Then I dreamed of living on and beyond the edge. Simply, I just wanted [to] carry this experience beyond the edge and the idea of having this experience inspired me.”

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