Girl Scouts Are Introducing A New Cookie For The 2020 Selling Season

January is not exactly our favorite month of the year. The weather is cold, the sunlight is scarce and everyone is obsessive about their New Year’s resolutions. However, there is one shining beacon of light at times like these. Girl Scout cookie season is upon us! You can start to purchase your favorite cookies but guess what? There are a few new things you need to notice.

The packaging has changed and the Girl Scouts are even offering a brand new cookie. These new cookies are known as Lemon Ups. They are lemon flavored (duh), crispy and emblazoned with all kinds of inspirational messages. There are a wide range of phrases on the cookies. “I am an innovator” and “I am a leader” are just a few of the phrases that you are going to find.

More cookies should have kind messages like these if you ask us. It would be nice to eat cookies that tell us nice things about ourselves more often. These cookies are not available everywhere, though. The Lemon Up has only been made available in certain locations. They are replacing the Savannah Smile. If you live in a place where these cookies were previously available, you should be able to get your hands on the Lemon Ups.

Photo: Girl Scouts

These new cookies (and the rest of your classic favorites) are also going to come in new packaging. The Girl Scouts are depicted enjoying various activities, including the construction of robots. We wish that we had been able to build robots when we were in the Scouts but that is another story for another time! Our focus at the current moment is strictly on the new cookies.

As always, you ca purchase the cookies from one of your local troops. Perhaps you have a friend or loved ones who is a part of the Girl Scouts? Be sure to inquire about these new cookies as soon as possible. After all, they tend to fly off the shelves. The last thing that you want to do is miss out on these delicious treats when they are released.

Are you struggling to find these cookies? If so, head to You can also utilize the helpful app that is designed for these purposes. The Girl Scout Cookie Finder is an absolute lifesaver at times like these. If you do happen to come across them, all we ask is that you set aside a box of Thin Mints for us.

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