Coca-Cola Is Releasing Sprite ‘Ginger’ And It Will Mix Perfectly With Whiskey

Ginger ale is the king of all ginger-flavored sodas, but Sprite is now throwing their hat into the ring. Their new ginger-flavored soda just might change your power rankings once and for all. Sprite Ginger is now available in all of the standard sizes and locations.

Unlike regular ginger ale, this new soda takes the Sprite that you know and love and combines the classic flavor with a ginger twist. Mark Shorey, Sprite’s brand manager, got more in-depth with a recent press release. “The Sprite Ginger launch is all about reinvention,” he said. It is about providing those who love Sprite with something that is new and wholly unexpected.”

These are the types of surprises that we live for. In case you were wondering, there is a Sprite Ginger Zero Sugar flavor available as well. This company has truly thought of everything, haven’t they? The early reviews have started to roll in and the drink is receiving lots of kudos. Everyone on Instagram is going nuts for the new beverage.

Coca-Cola was not content to simply release a few sodas, though. They are also launching the Ginger Collection. Jeff Staple was recruited by the company to help them design a new clothing line. He asked Instagram users for help and the final results are sure to be spectacular. Bluboy is the graphic artist and multimedia designer that was selected to handle this task.

His collection is full of all sorts of awesome accessories and there is no shortage of graphic tees to choose from. You can even take home a skateboard deck if you are so inclined. Sprite plans on sharing more information about the Ginger Collection in the weeks to come. We cannot wait to find out about the creative minds that were so vital during this process!

It is not every day that a soda giant looks to create its own streetwear. Once Sprite has decided to reveal more details on this process, there is also going to be a giveaway. If we are lucky, we will find the perfect hoodie to go with our can of Sprite Ginger. In the meantime, share this story with all of the Sprite fans in your life and give the new flavor a test!

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