Propose To Your Partner With A Giant Ring Pop That’s Equal To About 3,500 Carats Of Candy

My favorite childhood candy is getting supersized thanks to the Bazooka Candy Brands. The new giant ring pop will weigh 700 grams or around the same size as a 3,500-carat diamond, according to Delish.

The gigantic-sized candy will be available to purchase at Walmart, Cracker Barrel, IT’SUGAR, Party City and Dylan’s Candy Bar just in time for the holidays.

The strawberry-flavored candy will be held up by a gold ring that can fit on a giant’s finger.

Photo: Bazooka Candy Brands

“We are beyond excited to introduce Giant Ring Pop, as this will be a huge surprise for our fans this holiday season. Whether you grew up with memories of the iconic brand or looking for the ultimate holiday gift for that special someone, Giant Ring Pop is the perfect way to go BIG!” Senior Customer Marketing Manager for Bazooka Candy Brands Allison McCants said in a press release.

We have a feeling you are going to see the huge candy ring all over social media during the holiday season.

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