Gentle Foot Massage Tutorial


It should come as no surprise that our feet carry tension. Think of what we ask our feet to do all day; they carry us from beginning to end, over all kinds of terrain, and they deserve some TLC at the end of the day. If you’ve ever had a massage, you know the benefits of relaxed muscles to ease tension and improve flexibility. Through massage, we can spot-treat parts of our body that need a little extra attention, and this simple video tutorial will help walk you through the steps of a basic foot massage.


Our feet are truly our foundation but are often neglected. You can massage your own feet, but having someone else do the work is an extra special treat. A gentle foot massage can do wonders to help improve circulation, ease soreness and offer full body relaxation with just a few simple movements.

As you’d do in preparation for a workout, certain techniques will help warm up the foot to prepare it for the massage. Once warmed, you can begin to work on particular points in the foot and lower leg. One area to not forget: the back of your ankle, known as the Achilles tendon, and the calf muscle. These three areas, the foot, Achilles, and calf, all work together to keep us moving throughout the day. A good foot massage will target all three areas.


Our step-by-step tutorial can help you reap the benefits of this simple yet highly effective and relaxing treatment. If you’re tired from being on your feet all day, this gentle massage sequence could be just what your feet are looking for. Save yourself a trip to a spa and find a kind friend or partner to work your feet back to life with this relaxing and gentle foot massage.

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