3 Common Mistakes People Make When Cooking With Garlic

Garlic is a wonderful way to add flavor and complexity to any dish, and garlic fans will agree – you don’t measure garlic according to the recipe, you measure according to your heart! However, there are a few common pitfalls that can occur when cooking with garlic. Keep reading to make sure you aren’t committing any of these kitchen crimes!

Pre-minced Garlic

Experts agree – buying minced garlic in a bottle is one of the worst things you can do. From Rachel Ray to Anthony Bourdain, the verdict is in, fresh garlic or bust. The flavor is compromised when the garlic sits in water and preservatives, leaving a bitter and altogether unpleasant taste. Plus, using fresh garlic gives you all sorts of health benefits that are lost in the process of bottling the pre-minced garlic.

Picking The Best Garlic

As with most produce, picking out the very best one can be hit or miss unless you know some tricks! According to the experts, you’ll want to squeeze the outside of the garlic bulb to make sure the outside cloves aren’t too soft. Also, make sure there are no sprouts on the bulb. A final tip is to select bulbs that are pure white, though a little purple is ok.

Storing Garlic

Improper storage is perhaps the biggest mistake most people make. You should always store garlic in a shaded area with plenty of dry air and circulation. A mesh bag works well, or simply in an uncovered bowl. Never store garlic in the fridge or freezer, unless you already cut it up and are storing it for later use. Even so, you should use garlic as soon as possible to get the maximum flavor. A bulb can last up to a few months if you store it correctly, however, once you start peeling away the cloves, the shelf life lowers significantly.

For more garlic tips, check out the video below!

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