Monopoly Is Releasing A ‘Garbage Pail Kids’ Edition To Celebrate The 35th Anniversary

In the ’80s, Garbage Pail Kids became a rather popular item. It seems as if they continue to be a nostalgic item over three decades later. 2020 is the 35th anniversary of the sticker trading cards that were so popular. Those kids have stayed with us for a long time and now that they are celebrating 35 years, monopoly and Topps are teaming up to bring us the Garbage Pail Kids themed Monopoly.

According to a Monopoly statement, the new version will allow us to relive that part of the 80s. The cards were a parody for the Cabbage Patch Kids but they have since become their very own part of history.

Perhaps you remember the Cabbage Patch Kids, with their fabric body and vinyl heads. They were also popular in the ’80s and Topps piggybacked on that popularity by producing the Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. Art Spiegelman, who is known for the Pulitzer winning graphic novel, Maus did the illustrations.

The Monopoly Garbage Pail Kids version will feature the classic card collection artwork along with some custom illustrations to get the new generation on board. Joe Simko, a New York-based illustrator did the box art. He is also responsible for the documentary, “30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story.”

Six new “GPK” tokens come along with the game and it may or may not have a “Go Directly into the Toilet” instead of the “Go Straight to Jail” card. We should have seen that one coming.

It isn’t only Monopoly that will have Garbage Pail Kids themed merchandise in 2020. Topps is going to celebrate the 35th anniversary in different ways. They will use many of the feature cards, with characters, such as Adam Bomb, Bony Tony, Drippy Dan, and Slobby Robbie.

If you happen to have some nostalgia about the ’80s, there’s no doubt you will love what is coming your way this year.

Social media is getting excited about seeing these new products. Facebook user, Niki Lorelei tagged a friend in her comment and said, “I pretty sure I remember you having a collection of the cards. This would be an awesome game night option!”

Another user, Chad Carter said, “I HATE monopoly. But I WANT this.” Eric Fluderer, another Facebook user said, “That’s awesome!!! I want it!! I want it!! I want it!!”

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