Fun Dip Released Mystery-Flavor Kits Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

Back in the day, Valentine’s Day was always one of our favorite holidays. While we still had to go to school, we would always take home a monster bag of candy. There’s something about eating candy during the school day that just hits different, you know? We were glad for every piece of candy that we got, but the Fun Dip valentines were the best!

Who wouldn’t love to eat a sugar stick that has been dipped in additional sugar? Now the kids of today are able to experience the same joys that we did! Fun Dip is back with a new mystery flavor that is designed to make your Valentine’s Day a great one. Even if you are not young anymore, you are probably still intrigued by this latest development…I know we sure are.

tmc_reviews took to Instagram to share the news after spotting this new flavor at their local Target. The box is mystery flavored and there are no real hints to offer as to what the flavor might be. This is the sort of gift that can add a lot of fun to your little ones’ Valentine’s Day.

They just might experience a bump in popularity at school by the time they are done handing these out. There are 24 card pouches to distribute and your child can add a personalized message to each one of them. This takes all of the guesswork out of a classroom celebration. All the child needs to do is fill out the cards and Fun Dip handles the rest for them.

Photo: Target

What about the kids who are sensitive to certain foods or have allergies? These fun treats do not contain any common allergens, so they’re totally classroom and kid-friendly! The packaging plays up the sense of mystery, practically daring you to buy them. We are looking into the price of a box so that we will have the chance to solve the mystery before it is too late.

In the meantime, feel free to share these candies with your little ones. It can be tough to find the right treat to share with your child’s class. Thankfully the good folks at Fun Dip have decided to make life simple for us. Each box sells for a mere $3.99 at your local Target store.

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