Easy Ways To Frost Cupcakes Like A Pro

We are huge fans of dessert, as you might have already figured out. Cakes, pies, cookies – we don’t discriminate! Cupcakes have been in the spotlight over the last few years, with shows like Cupcake Wars and shops popping up that only serve cupcakes, the demand for these sweet treats is ever increasing. They are easy enough to make, so why do people pay absorbent amounts of money for the little dessert? Presentation, of course! Sure, the delicious recipe might also contribute, but as the saying goes, “We eat with our eyes first.” Instead of spending your money on fancy cupcakes, why not try your hand at a few of these techniques?

The Right Tools

First things first – you need the right tools! Sure there are some things you can try to rig, but if you’re going for that clean, professional look, it’s time to invest in some piping tips. The good news is, they really aren’t expensive at all, and they really will up your frosting game! Aside from the tips, you’ll also need an actual icing bag. We’re guilty of the ziplock bag method as well, but if you’ve ever done that, you’ll know that the plastic is a bit too thin, which means the metal piping tip tends to squeeze right out of the bag the more you use it. Actual piping bags are made of tougher stuff. If you’re looking for a good buttercream recipe, check out our favorite vanilla frosting!

Different Piping Tips

Large Round Piping Tip

This mama jama packs a powerful punch. If you’re going for a large, thick layer of frosting, this is your best bet! Sure, it might be a little plain, but also clean and classic. We can all agree it’s still better than using a knife to try and frost the cupcake.

Large Petal Tip

Here is a fun one! This large petal tip is great for making flowers, as the name suggests. You can experiment with all kinds of flowers. The key is to do a little dollop at a time.

1M Open Star

We love this piping tip! You can do so many things with this lovely open star. The ridges are few and far between which gives a nice, soft, almost romantic look to the final product.

4B Open Star Tip

Here’s another open star tip, this time with more ridges. It gives the classic “birthday cupcake” look, which is popular for a reason! Plus, it’s super easy and quick to pipe a circle on one cupcake and move on to the next one. If you’re looking for a fast way to make impressive cupecakes, this is the one for you!

8B Open Star Tip

The last of the open star tips is the 8B. This one has the largest opening and the most ridges which can be fun to use as dollops or a swirl. If you’re looking different textures on your cupcake, it’s as easy as using the different open star tips!

3 Ways To Marble

Two Color Method

Now that we have the basics, let’s get to the fun stuff! This first method of marbling creates a stunning effect. Start by putting the first color in your piping bag, but only on the outside. Then fill in the middle with your second color of choice. As you can see, this is great for little dollops, but of course you can use it however you see fit!

Saran Wrap Method

This is a great way to get a more tightly swirled marble look. Pipe out your different colors in long strips on some saran wrap. Roll up the ends and then cut one end off before placing it in a piping bag. As you can see, this gives the look a more defined, color by color marble.

Direct Piping Method

The third way is to simply pipe the different colors directly into the piping bag. The end result is more of a soft blending of colors, which can be fun to swirl and make petals with. Go ahead and try out these different frosting methods and impress friends and family with your new skills!

Check out the video below for more frosting tips!

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