Couple’s ‘Friday The 13th’-Theme Engagement Photoshoot Take A Terrifying Turn

Most people take engagement photos posing under a tree, at the beach, or in a field. But Vanessa Lawson and Josh Morden thought that was a bit cheesy and wanted to do something unique.

The photoshoot plays out like a horror movie: A nicely dressed couple stare into each other’s eyes on a beautiful summer’s day. Then the shoot takes a terrifying turn.

Vanessa and Josh have a mutual love for horror films and wanted to showcase that in their engagement shoot.

By now, most horror film junkies noticed the “Camp Crystal Lake” sign in the first photo. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s the location from the horror movie “Friday the 13th”, one of the couple’s favorite movies.

Photographer Brandon Gray took conventional photos of Vanessa and Josh as they took a stroll around the lake – when suddenly things take a turn.

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