New York Deli Is Giving Away Free Food To Customers Who Can Solve Math Problems

I think we can all agree that free food is better than the food we pay for. The best part about getting free food is being able to flex your intelligence level while you are at it. Well, at least that’s the case at the New York deli, Lucky Candy, in the Bronx.

Ahmed Alwan invented a fun game and the college student is sharing it with the deli’s patrons. His game has gone viral, for good reason. The premise is a very simple one: the customer is given a very quick math problem. If they are able to solve it, they are then allowed to grab whatever they want off the store shelves (with a 5 second time limit).

Ahmed says that he invented the game because he wants to help others. In a city where so many people are struggling to survive, this is the sort of pick me up that can truly assist folks. “All I wanted to do was to help people,” he said when asked about the new game by CNN.

Once Ahmed came up with the idea, he made a TikTok and it went viral from there. He gets to educate people while entertaining them which is a major plus. Best of all, he gets to watch them smile when they are given the chance to enjoy free items that they may not have been able to afford otherwise.

The videos that he is sharing of the challenges are absolutely hilarious. We cannot get enough of him. One man answered the question correctly and tried to grab Ahmed’s cat!

Another customer was quick on their feet and used a tray to grab as much as they could before sprinting back out of the store. The questions that he asks tend to be rather simple, too.

He is not looking to make anyone’s head crazy with brain teasers. This is just his way of giving back to the community in a fun way. When asked by CNN for further comment, Ahmed says that he pays for all the items that the customers win himself.

Saleh Aobad is his father and he could not be more proud. He is happy to see his son representing the Islamic faith in such a kind manner. Now, who else is headed to the Bronx to play?

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