Frank’s RedHot Has Created Ready-To-Drink Bloody Mary In A Can

Frank’s RedHot is my bloody Mary go-to when concocting them at home. Thankfully, Frank’s Red Hot decided to take out the work for me (and any other bloody mary crafters) by creating their own Frank’s RedHot Bloody Mary.

This is a godsend for those who love a good bloody Mary but hate doing all of the work to get them ready. These cans come in 12-ounce sizes, have a medium heat level, and clock in at 5.5 percent ABV. Those who wish to enjoy a hotter beverage may want to add even more hot sauce to their brew. Go ahead. I won’t judge.

Though these beverages are currently hitting the media, they’ve actually been around for a while. They even have a dedicated website.

You may be able to head to your local Wal-Mart for a four-pack. Whether you are looking for something to sip on at home or during your next football tailgate, these beverages are top of the line. Your home is not complete without them. Do you agree?

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