Creative Painting Technique with String Is Surprisingly Satisfying To Watch

Sometimes watching artists at work is just as satisfying as viewing the final product. In this case, we certainly think so! A new, popular painting technique is the acrylic pour – where you take acrylic paints mixed with epoxy and layer them together, then pour them on the canvas. You can watch this mesmerizing flip cup acrylic pour here!

As with anything that has been around for a while, artists have taken it and really made it their own. This artist has a fun new take on the classic acrylic pour, where he uses string to get a beautiful effect! See how it’s done, and then watch the process for yourself in the video below!


For this project, you’ll need a canvas, two colors of acrylic paint mixed with epoxy, a stapler, and some string!

Prep The Canvas

Next, prep the canvas by pouring the first color on and then spreading it around. Make sure the entire canvas is covered before moving on to the next step!

Place The Strings

Here’s where the fun part comes in. Dip your strings in the second, contrasting color of paint (or multiple colors if that’s your thing), and then place them on the canvas in curvy lines, making sure to leave the ends of the strink hanging off the canvas by a good six inches or so.

Where The Magic Happens

The final step is to secure the ends of the string down. You can do this by stapling them down, taping them down, or whatever method you have to secure the strings in place. Then, slowly pull the canvas up and watch as the strings twist and mix the wet paints to make incredible designs!

Go ahead and check out the video below to see the process for yourself!

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